Or, how globalisation has brought “global” a lot closer for PR.

Why does getting your story covered in an international media outlet — or any publication outside of your home country — seem so out of reach for many PR professionals? Do you really need agencies in every country your organisation operates in?

I have answered “yes” to that last question many times in my life. I can still make a good argument for why a nuanced understanding of any country, its politics and culture is required for good PR work (it’s true). But I’ll make the opposite argument here.

Hint: it’s not announcing your funding.

Getting your start-up funded at pre-seed or nailing that Series B are both awesome achievements for a company and its founders. You’ve either demonstrated the potential of your hockey-stick idea or scaled up from a few customers to thousands or even millions.

Cake and booze at the office are quite appropriate, of course. After all, your team shouldn’t forget to celebrate every step on this thankless path that fails nine out of ten start-ups.

It’s easy then to think that the point of announcing your funding to the world is to announce your funding. Well, not really.

What should your funding announcement help you do?

  • You started the…

Marek Unt

Comms strategist, occasional PR guy for #estonianmafia. Previously at Bolt, Skype, TransferWise. I write a newsletter at http://mrknt.substack.com

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